Young drivers

The road is the single biggest danger to young people in the UK.

In 2011, nearly a fifth of all car occupants killed or seriously injured were young car drivers aged 17-25 years.

Passing the driving test does not guarantee safety. In fact, new drivers are most likely to crash in the first year of driving with a full licence – one in five drivers crash in the six months after passing the test.

RoadSafe encourages those responsible for educating the young to realise their role in reducing death and injury among 17-24 year olds.

We are building an alliance of organisations to:

  • Promote a more structured approach to learning to drive
  • Promote the benefits of parental involvement
  • Campaign for the introduction of road user education into the secondary school curriculum
  • Raise the standards of driver training

Working with new partners and closely with the Driving Standards Agency and the Department for Transport, RoadSafe is urging that a fresh approach using a holistic and structured plan of education and training that addresses all goals of driver education is adopted along with the devlopment of a new type of instructor.  The approach should be to educate potential drivers to cope with the risks they face rather than simple to enable them to pilot a vehicle along roads.

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