Safer roads

Many accidents can be avoided by the safe design of our roads.

Dangerous roads can be made safe through the introduction of cost-effective engineering measures.

Advanced safety measures now being engineered into the road infrastructure on previously designated high-risk roads have made real differences.

RoadSafe supports a ‘Vision Zero’ approach to road safety engineering and...

  • Supports and promotes EuroRAP.
  • Promotes the adoption of engineering features which provide drivers with additional support.
  • Supports and promotes the work of expert engineers and roads police in this area.
  • Supports the Campaign for Safer Road Design.

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EuroRAP: The European Road Assessment Programme is a sister programme to EuroNCAP. We are beginning to show how roads can be made safer, so that the car and road work together to protect life.

The Campaign for Safer Road Design launched in July 2008 seeks to make safe road design a national transport priority.

In 2001, Britain’s roads were the safest in Europe. However, today the nation ranks behind the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland, which have adopted the concept of ‘vision zero’ - no deaths at all on the roads.

Britain’s residents are almost eight times more likely to die on the roads than in any other daily activity with at-work drivers in the ‘high risk’ category with 200 road deaths and serious injuries a week resulting from crashes involving them.

RoadSafe is one of the founding partners of the Campaign for Safe Road Design, which was officially launched with publication of a new report "Getting Ahead". It outlines the importance of proactive road safety measures being taken on Britain’s most dangerous roads where the crashes that cause death, injury and economic disruption are most likely to occur.