RoadSafe Press Release Archive

Britain's first Road Safety Index is launched (30 Aug 2013)

Britain's first Road Safety Index has been launched as children head back to school.

Crackdown on drink and drug driving (21 Mar 2011)

RoadSafe welcomes the package of measures to tackle drink and drug driving announced today by Transport Secretary Philip Hammond. The measures announced include Improved testing equipment to detect drink and drug drivers and key changes made to streamline enforcement of both offences.

Newer cars for younger drivers (15 Feb 2011)

Choosing an old car can put young drivers at risk, says RoadSafe. Younger motorists need the safest modern cars they can afford.

The benefits of lighting up (7 Feb 2011)

Comment on the safety benefits of xenon and bi-xenon headlamps, and daytime running lights.

RoadSafe launches RoadSafe for Parents (3 Feb 2011)

RoadSafe's new campaign - RoadSafe for Parents - reminds mums and dads of their unique ability to keep young drivers safe.

Ask your children for criticism this Christmas (16 Dec 2010)

RoadSafe recommends asking children to rate your driving on journeys over the festive period.

Saving Lives: Twenty Years of automotive innovation (7 Dec 2010)

The automotive industry has won a special Prince Michael International Road Safety Award, for its contribution to road safety over the last 20 years.

Winter tyres are suitable for UK roads (3 Dec 2010)

RoadSafe reminds UK motorists that winter tyres improve grip in wet, cold, icy and snowy conditions.

Powerful campaigns win Royal Awards (16 Nov 2010)

Two inspirational media campaigns win Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards.

Royal award for road safety MAST-er (4 Nov 2010)

A revolutionary data analysis tool has won a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.

The great safety camera switch-on (3 Nov 2010)

RoadSafe is delighted with Oxfordshire County Council's plans to switch its safety cameras back on. The decision to re-instate the county's fixed and mobile safety cameras was confirmed in a council meeting on 2 November.

Scotland scores a royal hat-trick for road safety (27 Oct 2010)

Scotland receives triple honours in the Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards 2010.

Lincolnshire wins international road safety award (18 Oct 2010)

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) has won the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for Education and Training. The Partnership received the honour for its young driver initiative, 2fast2soon.

IAM wins international road safety award (11 Oct 2010)

We are pleased to announce that the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) has won a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award. The IAM received the honour for its series of in-depth and influential reports, which have successfully and repeatedly identified trends in key areas of road safety.

Camera crash reduction scheme wins international road safety award (7 Oct 2010)

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety Partnership (CPRSP), and Speed Check Services (SCS) have won a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award. The group received the honour after deaths and serious injuries on the A14 reduced by more than 68%.

Ten minutes to safer driving (1 Oct 2010)

Ten minutes independent driving is a welcome addition to the driving test.

Tyres keep you in control (30 Sep 2010)

Tyres are essential in braking, accelerating and steering. A driver risks failure in all three if they are in poor condition. That is why RoadSafe is supporting Tyre Safety Month, this October.

Vehicle safety cuts deaths by 56% (23 Sep 2010)

Improvements in vehicle safety have attributed to a 56% decline in car occupant deaths in the last 20 years. RoadSafe says the Department for Transport figures are a testament to innovation in the automotive industry.

Proceed with caution: Is innovation the answer for road safety? (22 Sep 2010)

Following the cuts in government funding for road safety, RoadSafe publishes a thought brief, to show how technology and innovation can be used to ensure Britain's roads remain safe.

Plug-In Car Grant encourages safer vehicles (16 Sep 2010)

RoadSafe supports the stringent standards set for the Plug-In Car Grant, which will offer motorists up to £5000 to buy qualifying electric, plug-in or hydrogen fuelled cars.

RoadSafe supports a2om doc (2 Sep 2010)

RoadSafe is endorsing a new on-line risk assessment tool, from the software company a2om (pronounced atom). a2om doc, helps to improve business efficiency and safety.

MOT must stay annual (31 Aug 2010)

RoadSafe is urging transport minister Mike Penning, to maintain the MOT test as an annual check up for vehicles.

Manufacturers praised for making safety a priority (25 Aug 2010)

Vehicle manufacturers' commitment to safety is highlighted again, as the latest vehicles crash tested by EuroNCAP all achieve the maximum five star rating.

Post-test driver training is not the only answer (13 Aug 2010)

Research released by Sky News indicates that the Pass Plus test does not improve safety.

Looking forward to some holiday kip? (29 Jul 2010)

Are you looking forward to some well-earned rest on your summer break? It may be more than your life is worth to get some before you go, says RoadSafe.

UK must better Europe's ambitious plans to halve road deaths (22 Jul 2010)

RoadSafe welcomes an ambitious programme to halve the number of deaths on Europe's roads by 2020.

Business leaders raise demand for eSafety (14 Jul 2010)

Some of the UK's leaders in fleet management are calling on their peers to keep up with technology and procure vehicles with the latest electronic safety devices.

Lewis Hamilton tells fleets to choose ESC (14 Jul 2010)

British Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton, has called on fleet decision-makers to buy or lease company cars fitted with life-saving electronic stability control (ESC) technology.

Save lives and increase profit (12 Jul 2010)

Fleet managers and decision makers are losing out financially by overlooking safety.

Consumers can help reduce road deaths (9 Jul 2010)

Consumers need to know more about the latest technology, to help continue the decline in casualties on Britain's roads, says RoadSafe.

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