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September 2015

New car registrations to bring record-breaking safety to UK roads

New Euro NCAP ratings released

Tyresafe reveals the extent of dangerous tyres in use

July 2015

Latin NCAP results

June 2015

Volvo City Safety technology cuts accident claims by 28%

May 2015

Green light for mandatory fitting of new safety technology.

Effectiveness of Low Speed Autonomous Emergency Braking

April 2015

Call for worldwide safety standards

March 2015

New Ford technology prevents drivers exceeding the limits

Millions of new cars worldwide fail UN safety standards

February 2015

Winter driving: preparation

January 2015

Euro NCAP reveal 2014's five star cars

December 2014

Global NCAP Report

Toyota reveals new smart technologies and and systems

November 2014

Euro NCAP crash test results

ESP has saved 33,000 lives

August 2014

Driverless Cars - call for responses

July 2014

Driverless cars could be trialled in cities from 2015

Driving in the wet weather - Tyre Safety Month

Crash Avoidance

June 2014

No excuse for poor tyres

TyreSafe to provide safety education and awareness materials

May 2014

The Latest Euro NCAP Results Are Revealed

Fleet Managers to opt for 'five star' safety

March 2014

Stop The Crash

February 2014

Driver Acceptance of New Technology

January 2014

Drivers welcome automated driving

November 2013

Euro NCAP publishes the safety results for eleven vehicles

Cutting rear end crashes by a quarter.

October 2013

Tyre Safety Month

September 2013

Euro NCAP Results

July 2013

Keep your tyres in check

June 2013

Advanced braking reduces crashes

Top safety award for EuroNCAP

April 2013

e-Safety Technology Briefings

January 2013

Euro NCAP's Best in Class Cars of 2012

November 2012

Parents of Young Drivers to Set Top Speed

October 2012

Volvo leads airbag development

Tyre Safety Month achieving results.

July 2012

Tyre checks needed in the wet

Wet Grip Labelling on all new tyres

June 2012

Sussex Police to support TyreSafe campaign

Global NCAP Award 2012 goes to Bosch

April 2012

TyreSafe launches part-worn tyre campaign

ISA - Preferences and Incentives

March 2012

Prince Michael Endorses Global NCAP

February 2012

No change to MOT test frequency

December 2011

Technology to avoid one in three fatal crashes

November 2011

New car safety technology scores five stars

October 2011

Tyre Safety Month

September 2011

Tyre Safety Materials Available

August 2011

Latest Euro NCAP crash test results

June 2011

Britain in The Slow Lane when Adopting e-Safety Technologies

May 2011

eSafety Survey reveals low understanding of benefits

eSafety Challenge 2011

April 2011

Crash avoidance technologies to be demonstrated.

February 2011

Electric car safety not compromised in crash tests.

Daytime running lights required

eSafety Challenge 2011 - Vienna

Scotland discusses winter tyres

January 2011

EuroNCAP names best performing cars of 2010

Award for eSafety technology

December 2010

Winter vs summer tyre video

Euro NCAP results show improved safety performance

Winter tyres are suitable for UK roads

November 2010

Euro NCAP in China

Car occupant safety improving

Bosch scoops fleet safety award

Winter tyres increase safety

October 2010

Euro NCAP reveals today's best safety innovations

September 2010

Tyres keep you in control

Vehicle safety cuts deaths by 56%

August 2010

Volvo wins with BusinessCar

Registration open for tyre safety month campaign materials

July 2010

More cars should have life-saving technology

Euro NCAP to reward advanced safety technologies

Consumers can help reduce road deaths

June 2010

'New EyeSight' safety device

Euro NCAP launches new muliti-lingual website.

May 2010

Register for the eSafety Challenge 2010 on 13 July!

April 2010

New ESC Test results

eSafety technology could revolutionise Fleet Safety

March 2010

Safer Cars play a big role in casualty reduction - but much more needs to be done to improve rural roads

February 2010

Digital dashboards are a safety hazard, says IAM

November 2009

Consumer awareness study on eSafety technologies released

New eSafety Background Paper available

October 2009

New Advances in ISA

September 2009

Minister backs advanced e-safety systems in cars.

August 2009

Euro NCAP confirms more five star cars

July 2009

What do you know about eSafety?

June 2009

e-Safety Challenge

Tyre Safety Month

April 2009

Toyota demonstrates infrastructure-linked safety systems

March 2009

ESC fitment rates rise ahead of 2011 deadline

Enhanced safety for rear-seat passengers

February 2009

Advanced Safety Vehicles

New Car Safety Rating System introduced

Winter Tyre Safety

New Mercedes E-Class promises to be a safety tour de force

ESC installation to count in NCAP Star Rating

Car Manufacturers start using ESC promotional logo

January 2009

RoadSafe Royal Patron sees latest Safety technology

December 2008

ESC offers the greatest road safety benefit

MB launches speed limit warnings

November 2008

ESC Focus in New Car Crash Tests

October 2008

New Golf is awarded maximum five-star Euro NCAP safety rating

September 2008

Intelligent SafetyTechnology central to EU Policy

New Safety Technology in Cars

August 2008

Animated tyre safety guide

July 2008

Volvo Cars aim for Zero Accidents

ESC – Three letters to save lives

June 2008

Volvo Cars Safety Centre under New Leadership

A Pillars

May 2008

Whiplash Safety

April 2008

ESP® and the UK Fleet Market - new white paper published

March 2008

Government invests £8 million in new transport technology research

Safety Benefits of Vehicle Technology not Understood

Volvo’s New City Safety Auto-Brake Technology

February 2008

Investment in technology drives advances in road safety

Daytime car lights to be mandatory

Choose ESC

January 2008

Conspicuancy tape reduces night time crashes

Three letters which can save your life - ESC

December 2007

'Fresnel Lenses' Now Being Rolled Out Across the Country

November 2007

RoadSafe Magazine – on line

Electronic Stability Control to improve safety of trucks and coaches

Choose ESC

October 2007

Brake Checks on line

Tyre Safety Campaign Kicks Off

September 2007

ESC - One Hundred Per Cent Availabiliy by 2012

TyreSafe launches online tyre pressure check facility

October campaign to focus on the effect of pressures on tyre safety

Pedestrian killed by defective tyre

Volve Helps to Tackle Drink Driving

August 2007

Euro NCAP five-star safety rating for Fiat 500

Volvo launches world-first technology

New Ford Mondeo debuts active suspension

Defective tyres – a real threat to road safety

Women overtake men in company car race

Tyre Check for Wet Roads

ChooseESC! launched in the UK

July 2007

TyreSafe signs up to EU Road Safety Charter

June 2007

ESC technology could cut road deaths by up to a quarter

How Safe Is Your Satnav?

The ultimate guide to in car child care from Volvo, for everyone

May 2007

Crash safety awareness for van and truck operators

Tyre Pressures

The Greatest Innovation Since the Seat Belt

Euro NCAP: For Safer Cars

Road casualty improvement is no accident

Disappointing Results from Euro NCAP’s ESC Fitment Survey

EU Commission, FIA and Euro NCAP Recommend ESC

Choose ESC

April 2007

EURO NCAP announces major facelift

March 2007

Electronic Stability Control Saves Lives

Tyre safety campaign to be launched in Southern Africa

Launch of the eSafetyAware! ‘Choose ESC!’ campaign

At-Work Driving Risk Focus Accelerates Kwik-Fit Fleet to Record Levels of Tyre and Brake Safety Inspection Work

January 2007

Road safety and disadvantage


November 2006

Tyre Safety Week

Volvo Initiates a Traffic Accident Research Centre in China

Volvo 'IDIS' Helps the Driver Avoid Distractions in Busy Situations

October 2006

Five-star awards in NCAP tests

Driver safety top of sat-nav review


Cars: Make and model: The risk of driver injury

September 2006

Screen test

New child seat legislation - Volvo has all the facts

Motor vehicle safety

Active safety encouraged by insurance industry

August 2006

Hands free is dangerous

July 2006

New energy absorbing Frontal Protection Systems (FPS) for SUVs and vans will save lives and reduce injuries

May 2006

Car drivers feel safest behind the wheel than on other modes of transport

World first - adaptive headlamps available for first time on new Mercedes Benz E-Class

Jaguar leads in traffic safety

Intelligent cars that call emergency services could save lives from 2009

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