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June 2015

Community Roadwatch scheme to be rolled out across London

December 2014

20MPH Zones

May 2014

Drivers not in favour of 20mph zones

20 mph Zones not favoured by drivers

January 2014

Public Health Case for Speed Limits

December 2013

Revised guidance from RACF

November 2013

The majority of motorists support safety cameras

October 2013

Speed awareness courses for 20mph limits.

January 2013

National Speed Awareness course produces positive changes

Top 10 professions most likely to speed

October 2012

Speed Limits - Guidance

Speed - The arguments.

New report shows that drivers are slowing down

July 2012

New speed limit guidance and web tool announced.

20mph Zones and Speed Limits

Speeders face growing rise in insurance premiums

Safety cameras still effective and active

April 2012

The 20mph/30kph debate

20mph Places Conference

February 2012

Research proves value of award winning campaign

January 2012

Knowledge Centre

November 2011

Penalty points can be expensive

September 2011

Knowledge Centre - New Material

August 2011

Speed camera information now available

Scottish Safety Camera Statistics prove success

Poll shows that 20 mph limits are popular

ISA saves lives - New Report

June 2011

New transparency rules for speed cameras

Some motorists still distrust speed cameras

January 2011

Government to publish new speed camera rules

New speed camera rules to improve transparency

December 2010

National Speed Awareness Scheme

November 2010

Speed camera effectiveness

Too few countries addressing speed management seriously

Support for cameras reaches record level

New safety camera research proves positive

The great safety camera switch-on

September 2010

Proceed with Caution - Thought Brief

Pedestrian Deaths and Speed - Revised risk data

Research highlights motorists fear

Do cameras work as a long term road safety solution?

Speeding: more and more severe crashes

September Speed Symposium

August 2010

Speed and Safety Cameras

High-speed driving should stay on the track

Safety Camera debate

June 2010

20 MPH Zones to be Re-considered

April 2010

Speed cameras have halved serious accidents

January 2010

Designing Roads that Guide Drivers to Choose Safer Speeds

Warning to Drivers - Consequences of Speeding

December 2009

Government to allow wider use of 20 mph schemes without speed humps

Motorists in Hampshire 'Choose 30' in rural villages

October 2009

Speed Management - advice from the world's experts now vailable on-line

Enforcement 'A necessary evil'

April 2009

Intelligent Transport Systems for Speed Management

February 2009

New Average Speed Cameras for Urban Networks

Rural Roads are our most dangerous

Education over punishment as Cumbria launches speed awareness course

January 2009

Intelligent Speed Adaptation

June 2008

Speed Management Manual

November 2007

Motorists Outraged by Tougher Penalties for Speeding

October 2007

Government campaign highlights hidden dangers of speeding on rural roads

May 2007

Hard Hitting Advertising

TISPOL Speed Operation

April 2007

Department for Transport (National) (DFT) Vehicle speeds in Great Britain: 2006

May 2006

New speed cameras

Research reveals speed cameras really do catch bad drivers

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