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September 2015

How much do raod crashes cost where you live?

August 2015

Turning off street lights may have no effect on safety

June 2015

Engineering safer roads

Highways England makes 'design excellence' pledge for roads

March 2015

Road Safety Engineering Manuals for Africa

Ambitious Safety Target for Highways England

New Collaboration for Safer Roads

February 2015

Rural roads research

January 2015

Finding a way to make the roads safer around the world

November 2014

British EuroRAP report

July 2014

Strategic Roads - Report

New managing director being sought by EuroRAP

May 2014

Proposal to reduce number of road signs

January 2014

60 MPH Motorway limit

December 2013

Cars of the future need readable roads

November 2013

Road markings are the 'rails' for the self-steering car.

October 2013

Road Safety Foundation tracking data 2013

July 2013

iRAP Factsheets now available

May 2013


April 2013

Pedestrian Safety Advice

Make Walking Safe

Road Safety Toolkit

November 2012

Experience counts in the drive for safer roads

Road markings are in rapid decline

May 2012

England's motorways unfit for 80mph speed limit

April 2012

Award winning project continues to make Devon's roads safer

March 2012

Poor Marks for UK White Lines

October 2011

Local Transport Note on Shared Space

August 2011

Crash rate - Star Rating comparisons

June 2011

Signs and markings critical to leap in road safety

May 2011

Simple engineering measures pay back in 10 weeks to save £50m annually:

April 2011

Saving Lives, Saving Money

March 2011

Local authorities are urged to 'Get a Grip'

Speed Limit Review announced by Government

January 2011

20 mph limits are an advantage for motorists

November 2010

White Lines Save Lives

October 2010

Keep our streets bright and safe

Roadworks put drivers and roadside workers at risk

September 2010

Road Safety Audit

August 2010

Drivers Urged To 'BAG IT! BIN IT!'

June 2010

TISPOL International Road Safety Conference 2010

May 2010

New version of the Interactive Toolkit

February 2010

Potholes causing a 'hole' lot of trouble for business drivers

Road investment essential for UK to meet 'safest in the world' claim

January 2010

Safety rating of England's trunk road network revealed

December 2009

Safe road design to cut 50,000 deaths

November 2009

Rural A-Roads Need Speed Limit re-think

October 2009

The World's Best Practice a Click Away

August 2009

'Best Practice Guidelines’ for safe Road Recovery

June 2009

Britain's A Roads still the most dangerous

May 2009

Knowledge Resource Centres

April 2009

Making Britain's Roads the Safest in the World

March 2009

Highways Agency Business Plan 2009-10

Speed limit re-think

February 2009

Free International Toolkit Helps Make Roads Safe

December 2008

Barriers to change: designing safe roads for motorcyclists

October 2008

“Zero Tolerance” for Unsafe Road Design

September 2008

Traffic signs in Britain - biggest review in 40 years launched today

August 2008

Vaccines for Roads

New Approaches to Rural Roads

July 2008

Call for investment to provide a five-star road network

June 2008

Euro RAP results due on 30 June

New Road Safety Toolkit

20 MPH Zones More Haste Less Speed

May 2008

Road Safety Award Winner making roads safer internationally

March 2008

Highways Agency business plan 2008-09: Creating a more sustainable, reliable and safer road network

November 2007

British Invention Shows Way Ahead in Night-Time Driving

Danger of Rural Roads

October 2007

PACTS Calls for New Speed Cameras to Enforce 20mph

August 2007

BikeGuard Protection Goes West

Road Rage At Road Works - RAC Foundation National Motorway Month

Road Reporting System for Bikers

Living Streets Survey

Road Traffic in Great Britain

July 2007

Drivers' Give-away For Summer Get-away

New tool in the fight against uninsured driving on UK roads.

June 2007

DFT Road Casualties Great Britain 2006: Main results

IHT's Collision, Prevention & Reduction Guidelines

May 2007

Road Safety Risk Reporter

Society of Road Safety Auditors

March 2007

The International Road Assessment Programme


November 2006

Partnership Grant Scheme

October 2006

Astucia launches Department for Transport approved SolarLite flush inset mounted intelligent road stud

September 2006

Scenery - The new killer

August 2006

Rural 40 limit speed limit

Traffic authorities to review local speed limits

High visibility roads studs for High Wycombe aim to reduce casualties

New motorway message trial gives drivers latest traffic information

July 2006

Safer Roads Save Lives

Engineers question value of white lines

June 2006

Targeting consistently dangerous roads will save lives - British Results 2006

May 2006

Bank Holiday driving

Astucia announces distribution partnership agreement with Roadcraft and Fleming & Company

Camera puts more drivers in the frame

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