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September 2015

Do technological devices assist or distract drivers?

Road Safety Health Check 2015

July 2015

IAM reveals worrying extent of mobile phone use by drivers

June 2015

Good Egg unveils new-look online resources

NRSPP Thought Leadership: Mobile phone use policy

May 2015

Help for older drivers

April 2015

Prolific illegal driving behaviour

March 2015

Police research directs enforcement effort.

February 2015

New system detects drivers' mobile phone use in Norfolk

January 2015

Older Driver Task Force

July 2014

New measures to tackle drug driving

New assessment for older drivers

March 2014

Fatigue - Advice from Leading Company

February 2014

Skid training is dangerous

November 2013

Mobile phones contributing to road safety

October 2013

New website provides advice for relatives of older drivers

August 2013

New call for better eyesight testing

In-vehicle distraction

July 2013

Modernising Driver Training Consultation

Certificate of Professional Competence: how effective is it?

Nanny Drive iQ is launched

May 2013

Education improves skills and attitudes

February 2013

Driving Choices for the Older Motorist

January 2013

Seat Belt Laws

October 2012

Make Time for Winter - 2012 Highways Agency Campaign

August 2012

Campaign effectiveness review released

June 2012

New Video with advice on fatigue

IAM poll shows unanimous support for new driving offence

May 2012

Highway Code App launched

In the driving heat

March 2012

Dangers of using Smartphones highlighted

February 2012

Cameron pledges action to cut car whiplash claims

November 2011

Research reveals higher risk drivers.

Behavioual Change toolkit available

October 2011

New study says texting doubles a driver's reaction time

July 2011

National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme is popular

RAC Report on Motoring 2011

June 2011

Drivers still not 'Belting up'

New Motor Insurance Laws

April 2011

Highway Code celebrates 80 years on the road

New Research highlights Failing to Look as main driver error

New EU rules for lorry, bus and coach operators

March 2011

Telematics key to assessing insurance risk

February 2011

Changes to driver training under discussion

Tackling driver anxiety can improve safety

Can older drivers be nudged?

January 2011

Driving tired is as bad as driving drunk

Does it matter what road users think of each other?

December 2010

Drugs rival alcohol in road deaths

Government's new road safety strategy published soon

Free soft drinks for designated drivers

November 2010

BT friends and family safe driving program

Make Time for Winter

Scottish call for cabbie seatbelt review

October 2010

Third of drivers killed aren't belting up

August 2010

RAC Report on Motoring 2010

July 2010

Dangers of Driving when Tired

May 2010

Ageing drivers are still safe at 70, says new report

April 2010

RoSPA welcomes Scotland's new seatbelt campaign

Maintaining mobility for older drivers

March 2010

Careful! Considerate! Correct!

Advanced Driving - Poor uptake but hope with company drivers.

Helping older drivers in Devon stay safe

February 2010

Increase in mobile phone use by drivers

Government considers new curbs on drivers using mobile phones

Seat - Belt Campaigns: new and well-tried messages used to great effect

January 2010

Older Drivers are the Safest

November 2009

Winter Motoring Advice

August 2009

Distracted driving

July 2009

Annual RAC Report on Motoring highlights generational divide among motorists

May 2009

Motorists warned of the dangers of texting at the wheel

February 2009

Texting death crash woman jailed

Magistrates call for tougher sentences for re-offending danger drivers

January 2009

The Automobile Association Charitable Trust for Road Safety and the Environment

Texting more than drink driving at the limit

December 2008

Fatigue Risk Management

November 2008

“Respect Our Road Workers”

Wet weather driving hazards 'ignored'

New research behind launch of shocking seat belts advert

October 2008

Car technology drives distractions behind the wheel

Applying online fleet driver assessment

September 2008

Texting behind the wheel is more dangerous than being drunk

April 2008

Listen and driving 'as bad as drink driving'

March 2008

Is Safe Driving More Economical?

February 2008

First anniversary of tougher mobile phone penalties: 90% agree using a phone affects driving

Driver Distraction Survey

Think! switch off before you drive off

December 2007

Drivers who use Mobile Phones and Satnavs face two years in jail

Increased risk factor

November 2007

Tired drivers can be as dangerous as drunk drivers

September 2007

Extra £1.2million for SAFED

Millions of drivers fall asleep at the wheel

Older Drivers – possible re-testing

August 2007

Don't get side-swiped

DSA to consult on Driver CPC implementation

June 2007

Ten Commandments for Drivers

May 2007

New Leaflet and Film From Gem Motoring ASSIST

Make Dad a Safer Driver

April 2007

Simulator Shows Dangers of Speed, Drink and Phones

Pro-Drive acquired by IAM

March 2007

Indic8tor HGV The Ultimate driving solution

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service ‘Crashed Car’ Road Show Launch

Ford survey reveals modern white van man: Myth verses reality

Victory for drive & survive in the fleet news awards

Pass Plus Cymru Young Driver Improvement Scheme

Overhaul of Driver Training and Testing

IAM Motoring Trust

November 2006

Male Drivers Take More Risks

October 2006

Skidding accidents to double as weather turns

Driving standards 'falling'

Instructors praised over response to hazard perception

Are we nearly stressed yet?

September 2006

What Car? says Belt Up!

Drivers with 'Joined up' thinking do better - says Brunel researchers

August 2006

Avoid whiplash

Children in cars

AA Motoring Trust research news

Dia calls for a more modern approach to the driving test

Are cars personal space?

July 2006

Mobile phones are dangerous

New approach to drink drive

M25 drivers put skill first in safety survey

New child seat laws

Driving with restricted neck trunk movement

June 2006

Children the key to safer driving

Police enforcing mobile phone law

Slow down in Ashdown forest

More paint, more danger

Report says Top Gear 'glorifies speed'

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