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July 2015

Northern Ireland moves towards lower drink drive limit and GDL

Pressure to cut BAC limits in England and Wales

ETSC calls for a new, comprehensive EU strategy on alcohol

January 2015

Drug Driving

UK Road Safety Summit

December 2014

Scotland's new lower drink drive limit

Driving advice from Shell

November 2014

Fifty Years of UK Drink Drive Campaigning

June 2014

New report on young people drinking and driving.

January 2014

Drivers realise that impaired driving is not worth the risk

December 2013

Viral advertising reaches 10 Million

October 2013

Budweiser Launches 'Celebrate Responsibly' packs

July 2013

The DfT proposes a consultation concerning drug driving

June 2013

Drink drivers could lose cars

August 2012

Drink - Drive Casualties rise

June 2012

ACPO launches summer safety campaign

January 2012

The Vital Role of Drink - Drive Enforcement

Expert Drug Offence Panel to be set up

December 2011

Gary Lineker calls for drink-free driving.

Free Drinks for Designated Drivers

November 2011

Drink-Drive Rehabilitation courses to be modernised

August 2011

Drink and Drugs Driving Increase but casuaties fall

March 2011

Crackdown on drink and drug driving

February 2011

Motorist drug testing moves a step closer

January 2011

More than 6,600 caught drink driving in one month

Drugalysers a step closer to reality

ETSC Drink - drive monitor now available

August 2010

Drink and drive accidents fall by 5%

June 2010

Bid to cut drink-drive limit by almost half

May 2010

North Review on Drink and Drug Driving Law

April 2010

North Review report delayed until after The General Election

January 2010

Drink drive remains a problem

Medicines and Driving

October 2009

Drink - Drive World's best practice - Education and Enforcement

August 2009

Young drivers admit to driving under the influence of drugs

December 2008

Private Sector support for Drink Drive Campaigns

October 2008

Britain not to cut drink-drive limit

August 2008

Drinking and Driving Statistics issued by DFT

January 2008

Drug testing for Fleet Drivers

Fall in Drink Driving Offences

August 2007

Young 'ignore drink-drive danger'

July 2007

(DFT) Government steps up attack on drink drive menace in Devon and Cornwall

September 2006

Morning after

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