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Vehicle safety requires action says Global NCAP (23 Sep 15)
As the UN prepares to adopt a historic commitment to road safety in its new agenda of Global Goals for sustainable development, the international vehicle safety watchdog, Global NCAP, is urging faster action to apply minimum crash test standards to all new cars worldwide.

Road Safety since 2010 report published (21 Sep 15)
The PACTS/RAC Foundation report Road safety since 2010 has been published today.

How much do raod crashes cost where you live? (18 Sep 15)
For the first time, the Rod Safety Foundation has analysed where the loss of GDP is concentrated in non-metropolitan authorities.

Do technological devices assist or distract drivers? (17 Sep 15)
RoadSafe partner the RAC is interest to what extent technological devices can assist drivers rather than distract them.

RoSPA Driver Fleet Safety undergoing overhaul (16 Sep 15)
The division of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) which deals with fleet services will be getting a new name as part of some major changes that will see numerous benefits for its customers.

PACTS Conference 2015 (16 Sep 15)
PACTS, the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety has announced its autumn conference to address the "safe system" in practice both nationally and locally.

Upcoming free NRSPP webinars (16 Sep 15)
There are a series of upcoming webinars organised by RoadSafe partner the NRSPP.

Drive Safely Work Week: free toolkit (15 Sep 15)
The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) has launched its free comprehensive online toolkit to help employers plan ahead for Drive Safely Work Week 2015.

The IAM calls for an even greater focus on pedestrian protection (9 Sep 15)
The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has revealed that nearly 18,000 pedestrians were injured in an accident involving a vehicle in the last full year with analysis available.

New car registrations to bring record-breaking safety to UK roads (8 Sep 15)
The number of new car registered this month looks set to continue an upward trend with record sales, based on figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) - a move warmly welcomed by RoadSafe partner Thatcham Research, the automotive safety and security experts.

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