Upcoming free NRSPP webinars

There are a series of upcoming webinars organised by RoadSafe partner the National Road Safety Partnership Programme. They are as follows:

 1.Zurich Insurance - The Total Cost of Road Risk – 30 September 11-11.45am AEST.

Insurance provides necessary and valuable financial risk transfer for your work-related road risks. But it’s only the tip of the iceberg – there are many other uninsured, hidden and associated costs that are often borne by an organisation. These are often hard to track and determine. The webinar, and a simple calculation tool is designed to help you determine the total cost of road crashes in your organisation, and articulate them in the form of productivity, profitability or service delivery.

The calculation tool will soon be available on the NRSPP website – the webinar will provide the guidance on how to calculate the organisation/businesses cost in their key profitable product. 

2. Road Safety: Beyond the Gates - the Nestle story - Monday 16 November 2015 4pm AEST.

Road Safety is a global challenge, but also a global opportunity to create shared value for corporates and society in general. At Nestle, the journey began ten years ago in 2005, when they identified our that total road incident costs equated to 235,000,000 million Kit Kats a year!

This webinar will explore how Nestle has taken road safety to a global level, and made it part of their ‘big picture’. Being a global organisation, road safety varies significantly from Africa, Europe and the America’s, but to really improve road safety, what is crucial is management’s commitment to supporting the long term change.

Presenting this webinar will be Andrew Bradley the Head of Group Risk Services (GRS) for the Nestlé Group based in Vevey, Switzerland.

3. Working together to improve road safety in the South-West region of Western Australia – Tuesday 24 November – 11.30am AEST.

We can’t do it alone… It’s the reason we work together to improve road safety in our community.

When the South West Industry Road Safety Alliance was formed in 2008, it was the first private-government road safety approach of its size and scope that had been undertaken in WA. Alliance partners including BHP Billiton Worsley Alumina (now South32 Worsley Alumina), Newmont Boddington Gold, Synergy, WA Police, Main Roads, Office of Road Safety (now Road Safety Commission), WALGA and Shires of Collie, Boddington and Harvey created one of the largest collaborative approach towards the improvement of road safety on the notorious Coalfields Highway in our South West.

Join us on this webinar to learn how this collaborative group took control of its road safety destiny within their region, and how the success of this alliance footprint is now being replicated in other regions of WA and across the world.

Presenting this webinar will be Simon Dent. Simon is the South32 Worsley Alumina Port Operations Superintendent in Bunbury, and also manages the emergency response and asset protection for the refinery facilities in Collie. Worsley has approximately 1800 employees and 600 permanent contractors.

 4. NRSPP Webinar - Operators Insights: Managing the realities of heavy vehicle speed – Tuesday 8 December -2.00pm AEST

Trucks are an essential part of the landscape in Australia, and the demand for freight movement is constantly increasing. Truck operators know that as well as needing to move goods efficiently and promptly, they have a responsibility to ensure the safe use of their vehicles. An essential component of truck safety is the management of vehicle speed.

Travelling faster than a truck’s optimum speed increases fuel use and puts more stress on wearing components, as well as increasing the risk of a crash. If a truck does crash, its high mass means the crash is usually severe. When another vehicle is involved, the results can be tragic.

How do different transport operators manage speed and work with their professional drivers to reduce this risk? Speed is a hot topic and this webinar will bring together three different companies to explore how they work constantly to manage this risk. Join Boral, Scott’s Group of Companies and Simon National Carriers to hear their different approaches to managing speed

Published: 16 September 2015

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